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Demo track - My most popular package, this is a perfect start for any band or solo artist wanting to take the first step in their career. This half day in the studio includes a 30 minute pre-production session where you will discus what you want to achieve from the session and whee the end result is.  This will allow me as a producer to tailor the rest of the session to help you get the most out of the day. Following this, you will have a 2 hours recording as a band, followed by a basic mix and master so you can take something home at the end of the session. Demo Packages start from just £49.99 or for £74.99 we can create a simple, live lounge session style music video made for YouTube and Facebook.

One of my other popular packages is the Single track for £249.99 - This includes a day tracking individually in the studio to ensure the best possible result, followed by a day mixing the track.  one week later, after my ears have had time to neutralise, I will master the song over half a day. This can upgraded to an 5 Track EP ​over a week in the studio for just £999.99